Welcome to the thrilling world of Bonk Royale, the cutting-edge Web3 NFT card browser game where your digital collectibles come to life! Dive into an arena where players from around the globe bring their unique NFTs into action-packed battles. Whether you’re competing against other players, facing challenging CPU opponents, or honing your skills, Bonk Royale offers an immersive experience for all.

Showcase your strategic prowess in our weekly tournaments, where the stakes are high, and the rewards are even higher. Winners walk away with a bounty of BABYBONK tokens and exclusive free NFT packs, adding rare and powerful cards to their collections. With a dynamic and ever-evolving gameplay environment, each battle is a new adventure, and every victory brings you one step closer to becoming a Bonk Royale champion. Join now and let the battles begin!

Experience Points (XP)

In Bonk Royale, Experience Points (XP) are key to unlocking your potential. Earning XP allows players to level up, granting access to exclusive in-game features, such as advanced Quests and special NFT packs. The more XP you gain, the higher will be your rank in the global leaderboard. Each battle contributes to your XP, rewarding not just victory but also strategic gameplay. As you accumulate XP, you will enhance your NFTs' abilities, making them stronger and more versatile in combat.

This progression system ensures a constantly evolving challenge, keeping the game fresh and exciting. So, engage in battles, outsmart your opponents, and watch as your XP paves the way to becoming a Bonk Royale legend!


In Bonk Royale, the Global Leaderboard is a prestigious arena where players showcase their prowess. Climbing the ranks with XP gained from battles, players on the leaderboard gain notoriety and respect in the community. Ranking higher opens doors to exclusive rewards and opportunities, including special NFT drops, access to elite tournaments, and unique in-game bonuses.

This competitive framework fuels a vibrant, dynamic community where every battle can shift the standings. As you ascend the leaderboard, you don't just earn rewards; you earn a reputation as a formidable Bonk Royale champion, inspiring both awe and ambition in fellow players.


Prior to engaging in battles, it's essential to assemble your team. This team setup will be your default for all fights, but you can modify it whenever you wish. You have the choice to either deploy characters from a single breed for a focused strategy or mix characters from various breeds for a more diverse approach.

To add a character to your team, go to the 'Team Screen', click on the '+' sign to include them, and then make sure to save your selection.


Bonk Royale's gameplay is a captivating blend of PvP battles, challenging CPU skirmishes, exciting tournaments, and engaging quests. In PvP mode, test your skills against real players, crafting strategies to outmaneuver opponents. CPU battles offer a different challenge, pitting you against AI to sharpen your tactics.

Thrive in the heat of weekly tournaments, competing for top honors and rewards. Quests add another layer, with unique objectives that provide special bonuses and XP. This diverse mix ensures that every session is fresh and exhilarating, offering endless ways to enhance your NFTs and prove your mastery in the dynamic world of Bonk Royale.


Join/Create a battle

To enter a battle, go to the Lobbies screen and click the orange 'JOIN FIGHT' button. Beside this button, there's detailed information about the battle, including the game mode and stakes.

If you want to create a battle, select 'New Battle', define the rules, and then click on the 'CREATE BATTLE' button.

Start a Quests

Embark on Bonk Royale quests to unlock new abilities, acquire items that enhance your characters, and earn XP. Every quest offers distinct rewards. Complete them successfully to level up and claim your title as the King of Bonk Royale.

Some quests are designed to be repeatable, allowing you to undertake them daily, weekly, or monthly for continuous rewards and challenges.


Player vs Player (PvP)

In this enthralling mode, engage in a high-stakes 5v5 match where you'll face off against real players, battling for each other's tokens in a gripping contest of strategy and skill. The ultimate goal? Be the first to defeat all opposing enemies, claiming victory and coveted rewards. The stakes are set by the lobby's creator, with Babybonk tokens on the line, adding an intense, competitive edge to each battle.

Each character in your arsenal can perform one action per round, offering a tactical depth to the gameplay. Choose wisely between attacking an opponent's card, fortifying your own, or strategically opting to hold back. This blend of offensive and defensive tactics demands careful planning and cunning execution, ensuring each match is a unique and thrilling experience. It's not just a battle; it's a high-octane strategic showdown in Bonk Royale!


Challenge yourself in Bonk Royale's CPU mode, where you pit your skills against our sophisticated AI. Tailor the battle to your liking by setting your own rules, providing a perfect arena to refine strategies and test the limits of your NFTs. Whether you're a beginner learning the ropes or an experienced player honing your tactics, CPU mode offers a customizable and dynamic environment for continuous improvement and fun.

It's an ideal way to prepare for the real challenges that await in the PvP and tournament arenas!


Get ready for the ultimate test of skill in Bonk Royale's weekly tournaments! These exclusive events bring together the best 32 players in a high-stakes competition. Battle it out in intense 5v5 matches, where winners of each round advance to face other victorious challengers. The road to glory is tough, but the rewards are grand: a treasure trove of Babybonk tokens, BNB, coveted NFT Packs, legendary items, and a wealth of XP.

Stand out as a champion, outsmart your opponents, and climb to the top in these thrilling weekly showdowns. The arena awaits—are you ready to claim your victory?

3. Ingame Indicators


Every round in the game is capped at 60 seconds. Should a player fail to execute actions with all their characters within this time limit, those characters will remain inactive for that round. Furthermore, if a player fails to act for two consecutive rounds, they will automatically lose the game.

The remaining time is displayed at the top of the battle screen.


The health bar (green) adjacent to your character indicates its current health status. When a character's health reaches zero, it is defeated. The game concludes when all characters on one side have their health reduced to zero.

Certain breeds have healing abilities which recovers health. Items can be used to restore health.


Mana is requiered to perform certain abilities. The mana bar (blue) adjacent to your character indicates its current Mana status. If a characters Mana drops to 0, it can't perform abilities that requiere Mana.

The "Do Nothing" ability restores Mana. Items can be used to restore Mana.

Perform an action

The action panel is situated beneath the timer. At the top of the panel, the character you're controlling is displayed. Underneath this, in the 'Choose Target' dropdown menu, you can select your target. The available abilities are shown below this. To set your character's action for the round, simply click on an ability and then press the 'Apply' button.

Round log

Located just below the action panel, you'll find the 'Round Log.' This feature provides a detailed account of each character's actions during the round, highlighting important metrics such as the amount of damage dealt, health restored, and other key performance statistics.


In the dynamic world of Bonk Royale, players can choose from four distinct breeds, each with their unique strengths and combat styles. Whether it's the resilient Tanks with their impressive defense, the swift and elusive Blitzes, the strategically adept Magicians with their long-range prowess, or the formidable Warriors, known for their balanced strength and skill — there's a breed to match every player's strategy.

These breeds offer a diverse range of tactical possibilities, encouraging players to explore different approaches and combinations to conquer the arena. Your choice of breed sets the foundation for your gameplay style, making each battle a unique and thrilling experience.


In the world of Bonks, particularly renowned in the famed Bonk Royal Arena, the Warrior race stands as the embodiment of martial prowess and unwavering strength. These elite combatants are the pride of their world, admired and respected for their exceptional combat skills and extraordinary physical power. From the moment of their birth, Warriors are immersed in a culture that values strength and skill in battle above all else. Their lives are a relentless pursuit of martial excellence.

Special Abilities

Gladiator Bonk

Higher chances to hit an enemy critical, dealing 1.5x the amount of damage!


Low chance to instantly kill an enemy. Deals no damage if it misses.



The origin of the Magicians traces back to the ancient era of the Eclipse, a time when the world of Bonks was enveloped in a perpetual twilight. In this era, a group of scholars, fascinated by the untapped potentials of the dark cosmos, embarked on a daring journey to connect their souls with the ancient dark magic. This audacious act transformed them, marking the birth of the first Magicians. Their newfound powers were unlike anything seen before, granting them abilities that transcended the bounds of physical reality.

Special Abilities

Bonk of the void

A powerful bat appears out of the void. Deals extra damage, high to avoid.

Life of the ancestors

Heals a selected target by connecting their spirit to unknown dark magic.



In the dynamic realm of Bonks, the Blitz race is a marvel of speed and agility. The se beings, embodying the very essence of velocity, are a blur in the eyes of most. Their extraordinary quickness is so profound that only the strongest of humans can even perceive a Blitz’s presence, a testament to their near-supernatural swiftness. The lore of the Blitz begins with their ancestors’ unyielding pursuit of speed. Centuries ago, they made a collective vow to surpass the limitations of physical movement, aspiring to outpace even the speed of light.

Special Abilities

Lightning Dash

Accelerates to an astonishing speed, creating a shockwave that hits nearby enemies.

Lightning bonk

A very strong and fast Bonk attack. Can hit multiple targets, high to avoid.



The Tanks trace their lineage back to the ancient Guardians of Bonks, legendary warriors known for their unyielding defense of the realm. Over generations, the Tanks honed their bodies and minds to prioritize defense over all else. This evolutionary path has rendered them incredibly robust, capable of absorbing damage that would easily fell other races. Tanks serve as the unbreakable shield for their allies. They are strategically placed at the forefront, absorbing attacks and protecting their teammates.

Special Abilities


PASSIVE: Has a mid chance to automatically block attacks on team mates.

Iron Fortress

Increaes armor and reflects 50% of the damage back to attacker.



In Bonk Royale, abilities are the cornerstone of your strategy, offering a wide array of tactical options to gain the upper hand in battle. Each breed comes with its unique set of abilities, ranging from devastating attacks to defensive maneuvers and special skills that can turn the tide of combat. Players must wisely choose and utilize these abilities to outsmart opponents, taking into account their timing and synergies with other characters.

Mastering these abilities is crucial for climbing the ranks in the arena, making each choice a critical step towards victory. Embrace the depth of your characters' capabilities and unleash their full potential in the heat of battle.

Basic Abilities


Description: Attacks a target with a basic Bonk attack.
Damage: 10
Mana cost: 5


Description: Attacks a target with a strong Bonk attack.
Damage: 20
Mana cost: 20


Description: Tanks 30% damage of a chosen team mate.
Damage: 0
Mana cost: 15


Description: Does nothing to restores health and mana.
Health: +5
Mana: +5

Warrior Abilities


Description: Higher chances to hit an enemy critical, dealing 1.5x the amount of damage.
Damage: 25
Mana cost: 25


Description: Low chance to instantly kill an enemy. Deals no damage if it misses.
Damage: 0/100
Mana cost: 30

Magician Abilities


Description: A powerful bat appears out of the void. Deals extra damage, high to avoid.
Damage: 25
Mana cost: 25


Description: Heals a selected target by connecting their spirit to unknown dark magic.
Health: +20
Mana cost: 30

Blitz Abilities


Description: Accelerates to an astonishing speed, creating a shockwave that hits nearby enemies.
Damage: 15
Mana cost: 25


Description: A very strong and fast Bonk attack. Can hit multiple targets, high to avoid.
Damage: 20
Mana cost: 30

Tank Abilities


Description: PASSIVE: Has a mid chance to automatically block attacks on team mates.
Block: 15%
Possibility: 30%


Description: Increaes armor and reflects 50% of the damage back to attacker.
Armor: +5
Mana cost: 30


In Bonk Royale, items play a pivotal role in enhancing your characters' performance. The game features two types of items: Permanent and Consumables. Permanent items are assigned to a character, providing ongoing benefits and boosting their abilities or stats. These items remain with the character, offering a continuous advantage in battles. On the other hand, Consumable items are used for immediate, one-time effects.

They can provide crucial support during a battle but disappear after usage. Strategically selecting and utilizing these items can significantly impact the outcome of a fight, adding an extra layer of depth and strategy to the game.

Consumable Items


A magical liquid that restores Health.
Health: +20


A magical liquid that restores Mana.
Mana: +20


A potion brewed with dark magic, capable of inflicting damage on an enemy over 3 rounds.
Damage: 5 per round


A potent elixir derived from a Warrior's blood, designed to boost damage for 3 rounds.
Damage: +5

Permanent Items


A large bat meticulously crafted by the finest woodsmiths of the arena. Designed to enhance damage.
Damage: +3


A legendary bat, once wielded by the mythical Warrior Sesix. Known for massively increasing damage.
Damage: +6
Mana cost: 30


A sturdy shield crafted from robust wood, designed to enhance defensive capabilities.
Health: +10
Armor: +3


A superior mythical shield, significantly boosting defensive stats.
Health: +20
Armor: +6


Enchanting wings that grant increased speed, making the character swifter in battle.
Attack Speed: +3
Avoid: +2


Exceptional wings imbued with ethereal energy, offering even greater speed enhancement
Attack Speed: +6
Avoid: +4


A mystical wand that amplifies both damage output and mana reserves.
Mana: +10
Damage: +3


A divine artifact that significantly boosts both damage and mana.
Mana: +20
Damage +6

Packs (NFTs)

In the captivating world of Bonk Royale, packs play an integral role in enhancing your gaming experience. Similar to the concept of Pokemon Trading Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, and FIFA Ultimate Team packs, Bonk Royale packs are treasure troves that players can acquire through gameplay achievements or purchase. Each pack contains a random selection of items, ranging from rare characters and powerful abilities to unique items that boost your team's performance. The thrill of opening a Bonk Royale pack lies in the anticipation of what it might contain – it could be a game-changing character or a rare item that significantly boosts your strategy. These packs not only add an element of surprise and excitement but also offer players the opportunity to diversify and strengthen their teams, making every opening an eagerly awaited event in the Bonk Royale universe.

The excitement of pack openings is further amplified by the fact that every character and item you receive is also an NFT. This unique feature means that each character and item you acquire is not just a asset in the game, but also a collectible digital asset with potential real-world value. These NFTs can be traded, sold, or purchased on various platforms, adding a layer of depth to the gaming experience. As you build your collection, you're not just amassing powerful characters and items for in-game use; you're also curating a portfolio of digital assets, each with its own distinct value and rarity. This integration of NFTs into Bonk Royale packs elevates the thrill of acquiring new characters and items, blending the excitement of gaming with the world of digital collectibles.

Bonk Royale boasts a diverse collection of 1000 unique NFTs. There is no cap on the number of times an NFT can be packed, allowing for the same NFT to be owned by multiple players. The approach to featuring 1000 unique NFTs without a cap on packable quantities is designed to foster a more competitive environment. This strategy enhances the game's longevity and ensures equitable opportunities for all players to access and utilize the same NFTs, maintaining a balanced and fair competitive landscape.


In Bonk Royale, NFT rarities directly influence in-game stats, with rarer NFTs boasting superior attributes. Ranging from Common to Rare, then escalating to Ultra Rare and culminating in the coveted Legendary tier, each rarity level signifies increasingly powerful in-game advantages. The higher the rarity, the more formidable the stats, making each step up a significant boost to your gameplay prowess.


The ESSENTIAL PACK is an ideal choice for newcomers to Bonk Royale. This basic pack includes three Common players (NFTs), providing a solid foundation for building your initial team. It's a great way to start your adventure, introducing you to the game mechanics and setting you on the path to eventually collecting higher rarity characters.


Playable Characters: 5
Rarities: All common


??? Babybonk

0.15 BNB


The DELUXE PACK is an advanced upgrade for those looking to elevate their Bonk Royale gameplay. This pack includes five players (NFTs), encompassing a blend of Common and Rare characters. It's an ideal choice for players seeking to enhance their team's competitiveness, providing a variety of skilled characters that can significantly strengthen and diversify your lineup.


Playable Characters: 5
Rarities: Common, Rare


??? Babybonk

0.25 BNB


The SUPREME PACK is a powerhouse choice for dominating in Bonk Royale. This formidable pack comes with six players (NFTs) and two items, spanning all rarity levels. It's designed for those who aim to outclass the competition, offering a diverse and potent mix of characters and gear that can decisively turn the tide in any battle.


Playable Characters: 5
Items: 2
Rarities: Common, Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary


??? Babybonk

0.5 BNB


The ELITE PACK stands as the pinnacle of Bonk Royale packs. This ultimate collection includes 10 players (NFTs) and 3 items, with every piece ranging from Rare to Ultra Rare or Legendary. Tailored for those seeking the best, it offers an unparalleled array of high-caliber characters and items, setting the stage for unmatched gameplay and strategic dominance.


Playable Characters: 5
Items: 3
Rarities: Rare, Ultra Rare, Legendary


??? Babybonk

0.75 BNB

Promo Packs

Throughout the year, Bonk Royale releases exclusive promo packs, each brimming with new players and items. These limited-edition packs offer fresh, powerful additions to your arsenal, enhancing your gameplay with unique characters and items. Don't miss these special releases, as they provide a rare opportunity to elevate your team and gain an edge in the Bonk Royale arena.